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Our Mission

Bidwell Urban Farm Shop (BUFS) will nourish our neighborhood by sustainably producing affordable, healthy food while empowering and educating the community.

Our Vision

Cultivating health, kinship and wellbeing through fresh food and education. 

Our History

Bidwell Training Center — an affiliate of Manchester Bidwell Corporation — has provided workforce development and technical training in Pittsburgh’s Chateau neighborhood for over 50 years. BUFS is our next step in bridging the gap between communities and their institutions by providing affordable, healthy food to our residents.

With this long-standing history comes a responsibility to take care of our North Side neighbors. BUFS aims to be a resource for residents and a partner with other local businesses. Together we can maintain our unique identities as the region develops into its next phase of revitalization.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our History
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What is BUFS?

BUFS will function as a neighborhood resource for healthy, sustainable, and locally sourced food.

Through a partnership with Local Dutch, based in the Netherlands, the Drew Mathieson Greenhouse is building a proven, cutting-edge grow system that will provide a variety of affordable, fresh produce for our community. Through their revolutionary dry hydroponics system, our produce will use:

• 90% less water

• 30x less land use

• 20x more yield

• no food miles

• no waste & packaging

• no pesticides

What is BUFS?
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Our Goals

BUFS will provide the freshest hydroponic produce available, other quality local goods produced in the Pittsburgh region, as well as premium potted herbs and ornamental plants grown in our greenhouse. We will also educate customers, BTC visitors, and student learners about the benefits of local food production and consumption, and buying local.


Cultivate and market produce and ornamental plants grown in the Drew Mathieson Greenhouse.

Contract with local farmers for other produce not grown in-house and other local goods like eggs, cheese, milk, and value-added products.

Sell local artisanal goods.

Educate Bidwell students and the public about the social, economic, and environmental benefits of shopping locally.

Our Goals

Learn More

If you would like to learn how you could partner with BUFS, contact: 

Carol Kenney Martin

Learn More

For all media/press inquiries contact:


Jonathan Zito

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